Isaac Boorman

I make stuff for fun. This is where I keep that stuff

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United Kingdom


HTML , CSS , Javascript , PHP, Python


A young coder from Britian

Hi! I’m Isaac. A young coder from England.

I like technology, coding, making videos and trains.

I don’t like chaos, not having a routine and not sticking to it. I hate social situations and expressions like beating round the bush. This is because I have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), currently undiagnosed as it didn’t show until quite late. And the waiting list for assessments are years long and covid happened, and you know about that.

But if I’m going to be perfectly honest that’s not what this website is about. It’s not a blog about my autism, it’s about me having a place to store the random junk I code and so I can easily share it with people. Although my current project ‘MiniPets’ doesn’t come under the description of junk so maybe junk isn’t the right word to use. But the reason I used junk is because I don’t care if it’s not good. The only reason I do this is for fun.

Ok, I’ll leave you to look at the rest of the website now.