Weird, crazy and spooky theories


I’ve spent the past couple of days researching and thinking of weird, crazy, spooky and possibly disturbing conspiracy theories. If you wish to continue reading please read the following statements:

  • Some may get you thinking, distracting you for the rest of the day.
  • Some are pretty spooky
  • Some will make your head hurt.

So are you ready?

Then let’s get started.

The NASA Theory

This one is bound the spook you, maybe even a teensy bit. But I promise it will spook you!.

What does NASA stand for? “North American Space Agency” you possibly replied. If you didn’t get that, then that’s what NASA stands for. Well, nowadays anyway. See back when NASA was first founded, it stood for “North American Sea Agency”. It was an organization for investigating the sea. Weird huh. But why did they suddenly change their motive?

We humans know more about the far reaches of outer space than we do about the depths of the ocean. It’s crazy to think that we know less about 6 miles beneath the water, than we do about 6,000,000,000,000 miles away! That’s a light year by the way.

But maybe there’s a reason for that.

Maybe governments around the world agreed that they would not investigate the ocean. Or purposefully, make it a very slow process to do so. And maybe thats because of what ‘NASA’ found in a secret mission to the depths of the ocean. Big enough and terrifying enough to leave it alone, and not go anywhere near it again.

The Frozen Search Results Theory

If I searched on Google “Disney Frozen”, it would bring up (opinion alert) that cringe movie where a ‘princess tries to bring back her older sister with magical powers to save the kingdom from an eternal winter’ - barf! But this isn’t about my opinions on ‘Frozen’. It’s about a conspiracy theory related to - ‘that movie’.

So essentially, Frozen is not an original story. It’s loosely based on ‘The Ice Queen’ by Christian Andersen. So it could have been called ‘The Ice Princess’, ‘Snow Sisters’. But Disney went with ‘Frozen’. So what? You think. Frozen sounds more original and unique compared to the others. But ha ha! Many think there is a reason for it that is hidden beneath the surface.

See before ‘Frozen’ was released, a rumor was going around that Walt Disney, Disney’s founder, had been cryogenically frozen, so that one day he could be bought back to life. Some even believe that his body his hidden beneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at DisneyWorld. Why this ride? I have no idea.

But where does the movie ‘Frozen’ come in. Well I’m glad you asked!

Disney has been trying to build a family and playful image for the past near century. So much so that they actually edited cigarettes out of Walt Disney’s photographs. Even more so, that in the contract for being a person who dresses up as Disney movie characters at DisneyWorld, says ‘actors cannot take of their costumes even to the point of drowning’. Yes you read that right: to the point of drowning.

I, personally, would rather get fired than drown to death, but this goes to show just how focused Disney is on keeping it’s image. But anyways…

Disney didn’t want to have this silly rumor spreading (or perhaps it isn’t a rumor). But I mean it’s obvious that Disney wouldn’t want their young audience to know that the company’s founder had a creepy obsession of wanting to live forever. So Disney called a film ‘Frozen’ so that searches for this silly rumor would not show up in search results. And it worked.

The Colour Theory

What colour is this text? You probably said green, unless your colourblind in which you may have seen purple.

But why did you see that colour?

Ummm? Because my eyes saw it. Duh! You may have said.

No! No! No! Why did you instantly think the word green?

The answer is because your whole life you’ve been told that this is red, this is orange, this is yellow, this is green and this is blue.

But what if each person’s definition of green or red is different. In other words, what if each person sees colour differently.

So say my definition of red is your definition of yellow.

In other words, what I see as red is what you see, as what I see orange.

This is hard to get your head around, so read it again aloud and slowly.

The Anesthetic Theory

No-one knows how and why anaesthetic works. What it appears to do is you get it, you get knocked out, and then wake up a few hours later.

But. Maybe this isn’t how it works.

Maybe anaesthetic just paralyses you, and you can feel the pain of the surgery. Inside your kicking and screaming inside but you can’t move. But when the anaesthetic wears off, you forget everything that happened.

One reason which led people to reason this is that patients can occasionally respond slightly to doctor’s orders. Such as tilting your head.

Who knows on this one.

The Cropcircle Question

You may have heard of cropcirlces. They can look like this
alt text

Now there is a difference will this mysterious phenomenon from legends like bigfoot and ghosts is that there is no doubt that cropcircles are real!

Now to finish this list of conspiracies I’m going to ask the age old question…

How and why are cropcircles made?

Theory 1

In 1980, someone suggests that cropcircles were formed by the activity of hedgehogs. How this would form complex designs? I have no clue.

Theory 2

Some people have suggested that the circles are somehow created by localized and precise wind patterns, or by scientifically undetectable Earth energy fields and meridians called ley lines.

Theory 3

Others, such as molecular biologist Horace Drew, believed that the answer is instead in time travel or extra-terrestrial life. He reasoned that the patterns may have been made by time travelers from the far future to help them navigate our planet. Horace, working on the theory that the patterns are supposed to be messages, believes he has decrypted crop circle symbols and that they contain messages such as “Believe,” “There is good out there,” “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises,” and “We oppose deception” (all, presumably, in English).

Theory 4

People believe that aliens used beams of light from their UFOs to create the circles, saving them from the trouble of landing on Earth.

While their are countless theories, the only proven, and quite boring, explanation is that in 1991, two men confessed that they had been making the circles for decades as a prank. They never claimed to make all them, they said that there were many copy-cats. This started the cropcircle phenomena.

While cropcircles still happen until this day, some circles scientists cannot prove are hoaxes. But I’ve got a controversial theory to end this off…

Bonus Theory

The two men who admitted in 1991 were aliens in disguise!